"We can help make this game safer"


And with that, Justin summerville (founder) set out to make a difference.

  • First Conceptual drawings
  • Formation of Hobart Mayfield LLC
  • First Shark Tank Pitch
  • Patents and Prototypes


  • Patent Filed for "Shock Absorbing Football Equipment".
  • First 3D printed prototypes made.
  • Gen 1 prototype made.
  • Time for a name


  • Device officially named S.A.F.E.Clip (Shock Absorbing Football Equipment).
  • Generation 2 and Generation 3 SAFEClips are produced.
  • Sorbothane is selected as best absorbtion material.
  • First functional prototypes are produced.
  • Testing to NOCSAE standards begins (at NOCSAE approved labs of course).
  • 1st test results shows force reduction of impact to the face at 25%.
  • Testing, Testing, Testing


  • SAFEClip completes 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, rounds of testing.
  • Gen 4 SAFEClip produced and tested.
  • All tests show consistent 20%+ reduction in force from a blow to the facemask with the some scenarios showing up to 28%.
  • SAFEClip attends its first football convention to pitch product.
  • SAFEClip is invited to present to the MHSFCA (Michigan High School Football Coaches Association).
  • SAFEClip gains fully pantented status. (P#9750298B2)
  • Hobart Mayfield takes on investors to build the business.
  • Building a Brand


  • Hobart Mayfield re-brands to Mayfield Athletics.
  • Gen 5 SAFEClip is built with drastic cosmetic improvements, color options, hardward options, and improved force reductions.
  • SAFEClip gains endorsement from MHSFCA.
  • 7th and 8th rounds of testing take place.
  • Mayfield Athletics merges with market leader Zuti Facemasks (a facemask manufacurer producing premium made, fully cast, facemasks).
  • SAFEclip begins distributing SAFEClips to consumers.
  • Time to Sell


  • Gen 2 Clip Production started and samples sent to first schools.