Safety Coalition (Safer Football Equipment)

Mayfield Athletics has put together a group of small businesses and entrepreneurs (like ourselves) who all share one key desire, Safer Football. Take some time to scroll through these partners below and the safer alternatives they offer. 



Wegener Safety Latch

Helmets have changed dramatically over the past 80 years, how we keep them on our heads hasn't....UNTIL NOW!!!!

Don't let outdated chinstrap technology put your players at risk. 

As trusted by:

  • University of Georgia

  • University of Nebraska

  • University of Wyoming

  • Glacier High School, Kalispell, MT

  • Glen Rock High School, WY

  • Fort Morgan High School, CO

  • Winneconne Community Schools, WI

  • Uintah Youth League Vernal, UT

And countless individual players all across America!


Helmets to Heal

Our goal is to reduce the number of youth concussions in sports! Together we can protect the greatness in every child in America.

"Save the Brain, Save the Game"

A Not-for-Profit Corporation

#savvethebrain #savethegame #sackingyouthconcussions


Athlete Intelligence: Vector Mouth Guard

The innovative Vector MouthGuard gives coaches and sideline personnel the information they’ve been waiting for. Track hit counts, hit locations and severity of impacts in real-time, then pair it with the Athlete Intelligence Platform to quickly identify individual and positional Coachable Moments™ to build a better, safer team. Improve technique and reduce the risk of injury with the Vector MouthGuard.

Zuti FaceMasks

The BIG Question: “Why is ZUTI designing new types of football facemasks?”

First…SAFETY! It’s ONLY about the SAFETY of the PLAYERS! Players are demanding more shock and energy absorption for better safety.

Zuti offers football facemasks which are both SEI Certified and NOCSAE Compliant while being designed and built for player performance and protection.

Impact Sports LLC

"Our promise to you is simple: if we don't create a safer helmet for your kids, we wont sell it."

Impact Sports LLC is innovating football helmet technology through the IMPACT CALVARUM BLITZ (TM) or "CAL ONE".

The Cal One is being designed with features such as:

  1. Lightweight: Less than 3 pounds

  2. Stronger Materials

  3. Cost Effective

  4. Widest field of vision on the market

  5. Made in the USA

#Protectthishead #footballisabouttogetmuchsafer #impactsportsishere